About Lubrizol France

About Lubrizol France

Since 1954, Lubrizol France, headquartered in Rouen, has expanded its its manufacturing and sales of additives for lubricants.


As an employee of Lubizol, you will belong to a company whose prestigious history has given birth to innovative products and technologies.
External Relations

External Relations

Lubrizol is integrated in its environment. It contributes to various corporate philanthropy and sponsorship.

Health, Security, & Environment

Lubrizol focuses on developing activities with safety for people, property and for the environment.
Our Locations

Our Facilities

With its three manufacturing sites based in Rouen, Le Havre, and Mourenx, Lubrizol France is one of the major subsidiaries of The Lubrizol Corporation.
Responsible Care

Responsible Care

Lubrizol is committed to following the Worldwide Responsible Care® program to ensure the safety of its environment and People.

What's New

rapport RSE

Company Citizenship report of Lubrizol France

Discover the Citizenship report of Lubrizol France (French only). This first report is an additional testimony to Lubrizol's sustainable development approach, which has been implemented for many years.