Health, Security and Environment

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Lubrizol HS&E policy focuses on developing activities with safety for people, property and for the environment. Lubrizol is committed to following the Worldwide Responsible Care® program to ensure and continuously improve the safety of its environment, people and facilities.

The Strategic Environment Committee has operated since 1993. Its members include executives from Lubrizol and external experts in the environment, ecology and health areas. Meetings are organised on a quaterly basis and provide guidance to Lubrizol for its medium and long term actions. Many initiatives are credited to this Committee, such as:

  • Our "nose" approach initiated in 1993, Lubrizol has developed the application of the concepts of olfaction in industry.
  • The Rouen Residents' Comittee, created in 1994, is formed by inhabitants of Rouen and Petit-Quevilly, who are invited on a regular basis to our site to discuss our projects (in 2011, the company received the Sustainable Development Award for this initiative).
  • A Nature Protection Fund with 6 prize-winning organisations since it was created in 2003.
  • Our Responsible Care Approach or Long Term Development Approach: a commitment for each employee. Learn more about our Improvement programs in this field.

Our factories are involved in Local Committees of Information and Consultation (CLIC) established by the Prefet in regards to the context of the technological Risks Law. Lubrizol is involved as well in the CLIC of the industrial-port area of Le Havre, the West Rouen CLIC and the industrial platform of Mourenx Pardies CLIC.

We are actively working on REACH, which is a European regulation for chemicals.

Our Certifications

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OHSAS 18001 Safety and Security

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